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Tiny Islands workshop coming soon!

All finished my outdoor summer festivals, all two of them. lol! That seems to be my limit for the summer. I had SO many people interested in coming back for another workshop or for the first time, that I struck while the iron was hot and set up a workshop for the beginning of September! My subscriber list has already received the scoop and I have the class a third full within half a day!

I named this 2 day workshop "Tiny Islands and the Magic of Underpaintings" and it will be held on Sept 2nd and 3rd at the McMillan Arts centre in Parksville BC. Limit of 15 seats.

Participants will need a little experience painting in artist acrylics, not just decorative paints. You can always email me for information if you are not sure.

We will be exploring how an underpainting can set the mood and energy for the subject, in this case some tiny west coast islands.

I plan to have everyone work on 8x8 surfaces and hopefully we can get through 3 in two days depending on the rate of speed each individual paints. I will demonstrate and simply instruct painting trees, rocks, water, reflections and negative space. A lot to cover...right?! I have other workshops where I focus on different aspects, for example: "Trees from the Ground Up" which is coming up live in October and also online eventually. This particular tiny island class mainly focusses on the underpainting and why it is important. The class will be fun with minimal stress. (we will talk about that too!)

If you are interested you can click here for more information or to sign up.

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