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Painting Classes 

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A little bit about my teaching...

An important part of my experience was teaching art classes in Alberta in my home studio for almost a decade in the 90’s-2000's.  Since moving back to the Island in 2004 I am intently focused on my own painting and honing my skills (it never ends) but I like to schedule a limited number of workshops or classes each year. 

As a self educated painter, I have over 30 years experience working through different styles, mediums and techniques.  I have gathered a wealth of knowledge in my amazing journey that I am excited to pass along. It's like opening a treasure chest chock full of painting tidbits when I am in front of the class. It never ceases to amaze me how much I have tucked away in there over the years.  Its the "AHA!" expressions on the students faces that really drive me to the front of the classroom with my paint and canvas.  Makes it all worth it. 

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