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Hiding my paintings! Harder than you think!

I have to admit it is really hard to not show my paintings to everyone when they are finished but that is what I am doing. Usually I am so excited to put my work out there its the first thing I do. "Look at what I did!!" is reminiscent of grade school. I LOVED show and tell.

Right now I am working on (and hiding away) a series of paintings from my trip to the Quatsino Sound. The other reason I am going great guns is because I have put a rule in place. ----->"Cindy, you are NOT going to buy another canvas until all the large ones are used up!" A two fold goal. Bonus!

I have no idea when I will be finished the first collection or how many paintings will be in it. I am going with the flow, much like how I paint.

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Oh! And I do have a new painting that I am not hiding-->

Click on the image for more information and to find a few more new Vancouver Island paintings.

Dates this summer!

July 23/24/25 Nanoose Bay Art in the Garden. I will be #80 More information here:

After two cancellations it is NOW happening! Art Class "It is easy painting Green!" McMillan Arts Centre Parksville July 28

August 13/14/15 Friends of the Cat House Gallery, Qualicum Bay (see poster)

Ok! Thats it for now! Remember if you would like some art for your phone sign up below!

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