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Join us at Island Brushstrokes!

Have you ever had so many things on the go that you have to re-organize to better manage your time?

While I love to write, my blog posts have been an off again on again thing for years.

What has worked super well is a regular email I call "Island Brushstrokes". At this date I have over 250 members that are getting to know my process, receiving updates, first dibs on new work, and upcoming show information. They are totally enjoying the short-to-the-point emails they receive as well as a bonus that is only for members. A few people have come and gone which is totally ok with me, but I am so thrilled to keep in touch with those who have been consistently interested in my art journey.

My favourite email reply from Rose in Alberta: (with her permission of course!)

"Love love love your emails, your blogs, your paintings....when I need a break from "work" I sneak into your website and drool over your takes me on a mini vacation for about 10 minutes. Thank you!!!"

That just warms my heart....

If you would like some artistic positivity in your email inbox, sign up here for your trial run. There is always the unsubscribe button at the bottom if you decide it is not for you. No pressure whatsoever.



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