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Just fun stuff
Vancouver Island Art 

I love creating videos just for fun or to explain what I am up to.  While I will never claim to be a pro at creating this content I do enjoy the creative process.  I do have an issue with being too serious which is where the "fun" comes in.  Sometimes I wonder if I should even post know...that professional thing, but if I cant be myself...Who am I anyways?  Enjoy!

My first series, 2021/22

"Touchstone of Solitude"

My second series, 2022

"The Sky's the Limit"

accompanied by my granddaughter... 

My third series, 2022

"Island Brushstrokes" 

Just being a little silly and
talking about my favourite brushes.
Totally my own opinion of course.... :) 

A forest walk today...
A poetic video about
observation in the forest
close to my home. 

August 28th 2021
What is on my easel today...
I really do need to remember to turn my phone sideways! 

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