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The 3 Hour Painter

Recently I have been teaching some fun 3 hour classes for beginners and experienced painters alike. I named the first classes !Paint Day! because I was so excited!! but decided the name was too close to the popular 'paint nights' that many are participating in. My classes are somewhat different in nature. My aim is to have people move out of their comfort zones in order to gain confidence in their natural abilities while experiencing the techniques a seasoned artist (me!) uses in my paintings . My classes are more contemplative and meditative in nature. I constantly give little tidbits of info and insight into my process while I work a step ahead of everyone as they follow along. For the beginner who has never painted before, the task may be intimidating at first but I 'pep talk' them along and the smiles at the end of the class say it all. Participants who have some experience are able to pick up some valuable information on technique and supplies and I am always willing to pass on my "recipes" for mixing the colors used in that particular design. I am always amazed at how great the paintings look at the end for all involved no matter what level.

My process for creating the designs requires a lot of work in the studio, composing a design that is not too complicated but interesting enough, mixing a limited but effective palette of colors, and making sure the finished product is achievable at any level. I will usually do a test run with a couple of non painting friends to make sure I have all my "ducks in a row".

So far I have 4 designs, Windswept and Westcoast Sunset are the most popular so far but have just finished up West Coast Islet for a class April 3rd at the McMillan Arts Centre. these 3 designs are on 12x12" canvases. I also have "3 winter Birds" which uses 2-6x6 deep canvases but have yet to put that one out there.

All supplies are included in these short classes. See 'Art Classes' on my website for more information.

I am also stepping into the realm of giclee reproductions. I have chosen two of my paintings so far for a limited run of 50 each. These can be found at the Salish Sea Market in Bowser or on my website. I can also ship reproductions unstretched for safe transport, email me for more information if interested in that option.

My Etsy store is doing well, I have small 5x7 original paintings for sale there. When the stock starts to go down I spend a few days to stock it up again. These paintings can be shipped regular post which is a good thing when it comes to the price of shipping. I have designed them to be easily sent as a gift to someone as well. Search for Cmawleart on

I have been listening to some art business podcasts in the studio and one of the things they all say is to be 'consistent' in your blog posts and emails.

Ugh! The only thing I am consistent with is inconsistency! ....except...consistent can mean once a month. I am pretty sure I can do that. I am so tired of daily marketing emails in my inbox and have started unsubscribing from many of them. I dont want to go there with my posts, but would still like to keep in touch. So lets say the 15th of every month. I will write it on my calendar and hopefully I can be CONSISTENT!

OK! Thats about it for now.


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