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A small outdoor show! Yippee!!!

I am getting together with a few artists and we are having "Art at the Cathouse" this coming weekend in Qualicum Bay, July 17, 18 and 19th, 5320 Island Hwy West. So far it looks like the weather will be ok, we will be under our display tents so I am really hoping so. Shade or rain cover? We will see.

I am really glad to be getting out and hoping lots of people will come by. Our displays will be spaced outdoors to allow plenty of room for distancing and there will be a one way direction to follow, in and out. Other than that I think it will be just a good old fashioned but small outdoor show. I will be clearing out some of my smaller works as well as showing a few of my limited edition prints, new paintings and "Palette Pendants".

I have been playing around with different types of art (whats new?!) because I discovered that focusing on large landscapes was stressing me out...a lot! While I often enjoy grabbing a large canvas and painting madly away, many times I feel pressure to come up with something great (thats when the mental blocks move in) and it doesn't always go well. My other problem is that large paintings take an incredible amount of time and I have a lot of other things to do so I come out of my studio frustrated because I haven't gotten anything else done. Perhaps its because I am getting older and realizing how precious time really is? I think thats it more than anything combined with the fact that my shoulder and neck tend to protest the long hours in that position. I find working on smaller pieces much more rewarding, spontaneous and pain free. I LOVE creating innovative ways to present my work as in my small 5x7 originals on and my one of a kind 'Palette Pendants'. For the pendants, I am combining my creative writing with each piece. Now THIS brings me joy...every....single....time. YES!

My new plan: Paint a big piece when the large painting passion strikes to keep the paintings fresh. This art I will reproduce in limited edition giclee's (high quality reproductions on canvas). This way I will only do a few a year and should be able to fit the rest of my life into my creative zone! ( NOT the other way around...)

The other thing I have been doing lately is putting some of my fun Art Nouveau/Folk Fusion work onto a site called Red Bubble . Its really fun and so far I have ordered a sweatshirt, travel mug and 2 pillow cases. Still waiting on the pillow cases but the other items were really good quality. I am glad because I would have cancelled if they were not.

I am not bored. That is for sure!

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