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Survey insight

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Thank-you to all of you who took the time to fill in my survey. I learned a few things that’s for sure! As for lack of apostrophes… I giggled at that particular comment. Sorry about that, I do rely on spellcheck so there must be something wrong with my computer. Joking aside, I am trying to do a better job. :)

I have come up with an idea from the other feedback I received. My dilemma is that people who follow my webpage are from two different groups. One group follow my work as art appreciators and the others are artists themselves. I have now created a private facebook group that is geared towards beginner to intermediate artists. There was a definite message for me in the survey that you want to see more! I am calling the group “The Self Taught Artist”, the title being based on how I always felt uncomfortable when someone asked me "Where did you get your art education from?” I am past that now, wearing the title with pride and hope to help anyone else who has embarked on a self educated journey of discovery. I plan to share tips and information, get conversations going if people want to talk, answer questions, post what I am working on…etc.…we will see where it goes. The group will be small, light and down to earth. Right now I am rattling around in there all by myself and have been for a few days, unsure if I should go ahead…(just do it Cindy!)..So come on in and join me! If you are not subscribed then please make sure you do and then go here: Link to private facebook group

I am planning to post blogs more often, the course I am taking says to email once a week. I am not so comfortable about that because I don't want to be a pest so I will write a blog post every two weeks. I am even going to schedule it on my calendar. Now thats a step in the right direction.

Attached is a photo of my latest 16x40 acrylic on canvas of the Salish Sea in my community of Bowser, looking towards Denman and Hornby Island. I may be using the image for a mural, information to announced later so the painting is on hold till the decision is made. I am still not sure about the foreground, but the rest I am happy with!

Until next time!

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