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  • C Mawle

Online Studio tour discomfort? I refuse to hide away from everything....

Comox Valley Arts is trying really hard to keep arts alive in these times and i must admit that the first time I was told about the online zoom arts studio tour I wanted to run in the other direction, hide under a the forest etc etc.....But no. I will give it a try.

I just spent 2 days on my website, talking to the website techs. I have to tell you, if there is a glitch in a finds me...twice this time.

I think I have it all figured out.

I now have my limited edition giclee reproductions on my website for sale just in time for the tour. I have been so busy on the computer I have forgotten to get my studio ready. Tommorrow.

If you go to my "upcoming events" tab you will find my information there as well as a short video showcasing what I have been up to.

I hope to see you there!

go to to see all that the tour has to offer!

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