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New Style What to do...What to do!

I am halfway through my solo exhibition at The Old School House Arts Centre in Qualicum Beach and am starting to wonder...What now?? As much as I LOVE doing this Art Nouveau/Folk Fusion artwork I am not sure of its place here on the Island. Thinking...thinking.....perhaps a book? I am bursting at the seams with ideas and stories, but I may have to "archive" them in the recesses of my creative soul for now.

I have started working on a few Westcoast Island scenes and I have to say that I feel more relaxed about the process than I did before going off into "left field" with the new style.

I feel it more now than ever that the landscapes come from somewhere different. Not the fun, creative, imaginative place, but more like the skilled, quiet, patient place. Two spaces for two moods. How Cindy of me!! But really, you tell me...which place would you rather work in?

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