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I did it!! I taught a 3 hour Zoom class today!

I have to say, I taught my first Zoom class today and it went super well! Such a relief! I have been losing sleep over this upcoming class because I was not happy with how my info/intro Zoom session went, mainly because I was so uncomfortable with this new "thing". Not being one to give up too easy I researched and managed to figure out the best way to set up a class so that participants could see both my easel and my palette at the same time. Other than my palette showing upside down it all went extremely well. I was also concerned about the 3 hour class length but the time went by very fast, just like a live class. I found that using a colour wheel along with a value scale was perfect, solving the problem of screen colour differences. Here is the day 1 demo of the painting class (believe it or not, this is going to be a mostly blue painting when its finished):

I still need to finish my "3 Hour Painter" video and get the kits all set up and ready to mail out. I have the pricing figured, and unfortunately the postage is a bit of a kicker, ouch. I will put the class up on my site when I have it all ready to go. I have had feedback from the first 3 hour painter video and it is unanimous that the video is wonderful because the painter can stop, rewind and take as long as they need to finish. I had to think on this for awhile for the new design. Adapting. Not always an easy task, but still a creative one at that.

I have also been selling small 5x7 "A gift for you" original paintings on 1/8" board in my Etsy store. I had the privilege of sending off one of these gifts direct to a purchasers mother, complete with a hand written note inside. So heartwarming. I just sent another to California today. The bonus with these? They can be mailed regular post. That makes me happy. The small size is a great way to try out some new painting designs for me as well.

Not much else to tell except that while I am adapting well to these changes, I still haven't cleaned up my studio. No change there. lol!

Be safe and be creative. Its a great way to take your mind off everything for a while.


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