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Back to nature amidst that "thing" that isn't going away anytime soon... Zoom classes anyone?

Like everyone else on the planet right I am in the midst of adjusting. Personally, isolating at home for me is not much different than before. I live rurally, surrounded by forest, and home is my favourite place in the whole world. I can sit on my deck, watch the robin pair collecting mud and grass from my garden and yard for their nest (the female seems to be doing most of the work!). They have little fear of us and we are pretty sure they were here last year. This couple is very protective of this section of yard and the male keeps watch and furiously challenges any other robins who attempt to cross their border. (I guess thats his job) This pair is enjoyable to have here and we work around each other in the garden plot.

The hummingbirds are in full swing right now and the battle royale carries on daily. We have both Annas and Rufus this year. They have little fear of us as well, jumping on the newly filled feeder before its even hung on the hook. Woodpeckers try to out do each other and I often shout "GOOD ONE!" when an exceptionally loud "machine gun rat a tat tat" echoes through the trees.

Did you know that female snakes are much larger than males? And here I was thinking it was perhaps a small youngster that was chasing her and wrapping itself around her body. After watching for a bit I realized nope...thats NO baby hug... spring is sprung! Good! More snakes to keep the slugs down. I left them to their business and carried on weeding.

The cool weather veggies are planted and I am spreading straw down in between the rows to keep the weeds at bay, making sure to keep one section open for the robins to gather mud for their nest. They should be done soon. Their nest high in the pine tree is a wonderful feat of natures architecture. The wasps peruse the straw and stop for a chew to make "paper pulp" for their nests. I have no problem with a few wasps, they are helpful in the garden keeping aphids and the like at long as the population doesnt get out of hand and their nests are away from us. Some years when the wasp numbers have grown too high the little zippers think the garden and yard is theirs. It's like overpopulation makes them unreasonable. Hmmmmm.....natures parallels?

Theres a certain spot in the forest where a bumble bee or two always circle us as we walk by. Its good the bees have finally arrived... but unfortunately also came the mosquitos and those little *#%@ guys that bite your head. Salmon berry bushes are leafing out and I am watching for the delicious sprouts I have heard so much about but nothing yet except for leaves. Ferns are unfolding with curvaceous grace and salal is brilliantly glowing spring green in the morning light.

As you might be thinking by now...."Where does painting come into all this?" My answer? "I think I am taking a break." My studio needs cleaning and I have the urge to purge. Thats about as close as I have gotten.

I did manage to record a video for my West Coast Islet 3 hour painter sessions and held a "class" and everyone did great, but I wont be doing any more of these until I can be there in person. It just doesn't work as well and collecting the paint pots after the fact is not very efficient time wise. So I will tuck everything away in a box until the time comes again.

What I am going to try is an online live Zoom class. I will have two options. A class with people that have acrylic experience and a class for beginners.

I will be holding a 15-30 min Zoom introduction and info session on Weds, April 22nd at 10:00 AM PST. I am a little freaked out but am bravely stepping in. I thought that having a free intro/info session would be a good way to test out the system with anyone interested. No one has to sign up for any classes, just be there to find out what I have to offer and see if it's something you would like to do. :)

The good thing about it is that it wont be limited to local participants. Thats a bonus.

Ok, I have a studio to clean up.

Stay well and hang in there.


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Unknown member
Apr 22, 2020

Hi Cindy,

Roger and I took a class with you in Parksville this winter. Could you please include Roger in your session tomorrow?

His email is

Thanks very much. I could not find a spot to indicate we would be interested in the session, so hoping this will suffice to let you know we are interested.


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