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3 hour painter in person classes

I will be holding a few 3 hour painter classes at the MacMillan Arts Centre in Parksville on June 29th and 30th. The sessions will be half classes and I will see how it goes. While I taught some online Zoom classes last month, I still much rather prefer being in the class to help everyone as they need. I wont book any more classes until September I think, but it all depends on the demand.

I will be doing up some Facebook Live videos which will hopefully beat this new algorithm so many are struggling with, but had to figure out a way to have music in the background without copyright issues. The Vancouver Island band Jon and Roy has given me the ok to use their songs. So excited to do this, I love listening to their music in the studio. Stay tuned for those! I also have a few new videos on my C Mawle Art Youtube video channel. I had some fun with a blooper video...and a talking about brushes video. As you will see I am not a serious straight faced studio video maker. If I am not having fun...honestly I don't want to do it and if I make the viewer smile, all the better! I will get those up on the website soon but its such a "worm hole" once I get started, so I am taking a break from the computer for a few days.

As with most people right now, my whole schedule is in a tizzy. OK.... I have to be usually is. Covid has not been too far of a stretch except I now have a good reason to stay home in the studio day after day. I will miss the outdoor shows; Nautical days, Island Originals but hope to maybe come up with something small in the meanwhile. Still not sure on the dates for the studio tour. Its always a good excuse to clean the studio. :)

Until next time! Enjoy the summer!

Note: The birds in the image are one of my 5x7 original acrylics on board that are listed in my C Mawle Art etsy page.

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