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I am working on a collection of paintings based on a recent getaway to Quatsino Sound on north Vancouver Island.  I will be sending out email updates as I go along so if you are interested in following along then please subscribe

 If you are just wanting to peruse my web site  you will  find lots to look at to learn more about my art and who I am as an artist. 

You will find my representational west coast paintings here , updates and musings on my blog,  links to my Etsy and Redbubble stores (I am having fun with those) as well as a whole lot more to peruse through along the top bar of the page.

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See below for a facebook group subscriber bonus for those who would like to know more about my process that happens behind the "turquoise door".   


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New and Ongoing:
Facebook Group: The Self Taught Artist

 I often think of tips to share with beginner and intermediate artists when I am working in the studio so I decided to create this group.  While the rest of my web site is mostly about finished paintings, announcements etc... The Self Taught Artist group is more about what goes on behind the scenes, in hopes it may help you in your artists journey with whatever questions you have to ask about my process of acrylic painting.   Just subscribe to my website if you are not already and head to Facebook to join in!  


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