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The Building Blocks of Acrylics - A starter course

A demo/info Q&A "Hour"


Presented by west coast artist Cindy Mawle.

I am Cindy Mawle, a Canadian painter living in the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island.  I like to refer to my self taught journey as a "self directed art education". During my 30+ year art "trek" I have gathered plenty of knowledge and experience from curiosity, experimentation, determination, trial and error. It never ceases to amaze me how much information I have gathered and am able to tap into when I teach. 

Would you: LOVE to learn to paint in acrylics?

Are you: Intimidated by the fact that you know very little and overwhelmed by all the information and supplies?

Join me: In this free webinar to see what I have to offer! 

It may be exactly what you need to get started!
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