The Art of Shifting Red, May 12th 2021

A class to help you successfully manipulate reds in your work.

  • 63 Canadian dollars
  • McMillan Arts Centre, 133 McMillan St, Parksville, BC

Service Description

Rescheduled to May 12th. This straight forward 3 hour acrylic class is designed to help beginner and intermediate artists with the use of reds in acrylic painting. Different reds are like “apples and oranges” they are not the same. “Cool and warm reds lean different directions and both can be difficult to lighten if you do not understand the power of yellow.” In this class I will show you how to make your reds lean this way and that by shifting their temperature and impact so that in the end you will better understand this bold, emotional and intense color. At the same time we will be creating a fun reference chart for later use. I will touch a little on design and balance and you will learn about the properties of the paints and how they react to mixing with white, primary and tertiary colors. We will desaturate, brighten, lighten, darken, shift, lean etc… You will be amazed at how many shades of red and the like you will be able to compare and create from a simple palette with some easy mixing. May 12thth 9:30-12:30

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