Limited Edition Giclee Reproductions

After years of wavering on the idea I have finally decided to offer reproductions of what I feel is my best work.  My criteria for each reproduction is that I personally cannot tell the difference between the original and the reproduction and its only by touching the surface that I know.   Each "print" is inspected, numbered and signed by me and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.   You can be sure your artwork is as close to the original as possible and who better to quality check than the creator of the painting! 

The Giclees are printed  in a limited number of 50 using high quality archival inks.  Each is varnished with a matt finish on acid free canvas by an artist/printer who understands my personal colour palette.  

A definite affordable but high quality option of my work. 

note: More work will be added to this gallery as paintings are created. Visit again! 


Peaceful Reflection

Peaceful Reflections

artist signed and numbered limited edition reproductions

25x40      585.CAD

22.5x36      525.CAD

Point of Reflection  20x20 Acrylic on Ca

Point of Reflection

Limited Edition Prints (50)

18x18      300.CAD

              12x12      150.CAD               

Island Beyond the Deep

Island Beyond the Deep

Limited edition prints (50)

18x41     500.CAD

15x34     425.CAD

The Stillness of Calm

The Stillness of Calm
Limited Edition Prints (50)
15x30      400.CAD
       12x24      280.CAD        

Trees above the Tideline hi res.jpg

Trees Above the Tideline
Limited Edition Prints (50)

20x20        375.CAD
18x18           300.CAD



Looking Beyond the Storm

Limited Edition Reproductions (50)

30x30     540.CAD
18x18      300.CAD



Afternoon at Pipers Lagoon
Limited Edition Reproductions

30x37      650.CAD
20x25     425.CAD

Morning Light 16x40 hi res.jpg

Morning Light
Open Edition Reproductions

12x30             325.CAD
18x45              520.CAD

8x20              160.CAD


The Best of Both Worlds.jpg

Best of Both Worlds
Open Edition Reproductions

10x15            150 .CAD


Reproduction information or special order request

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