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Cancelled market? No problem.

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Despite the impending snowfall warnings on the weekend, my husband and I set up my booth Friday night ready for the local Artisans Market on Saturday. Early next morning the market was cancelled. Much to my surprise I didn't feel bad. For once in my life I thought "oh well", what will be will be. (what can you do right?)

While tearing down and packing up I realized that the designing and setting up is what I enjoy the most.

Ahead of a show, hours are spent moving little paintings around on my computer, measuring, and imagining on a tiny scale.

I clearly remember as a child designing elaborate setups in my bedroom and filling a shoebox cash register with slips of scrap paper money. I was ready to greet imaginary customers with a smile and somewhat lively conversation. (Mom: "Cindy? Who are you talking to in there?" Me: "Just Mrs Jones, she wants to buy a stuffed animal". Mom: "O....K....")

I believe that is why I was fine with the cancellation. I got to build my store/display/fort.

Since then I have been in front of my computer putting my items up in an online gift store to make up for the cancellation. Take a peek and see what you think! Gift shop here Not much time left before the holidays, but hey, I had fun building it! My eyes are kind of strained though.

Getting closer to opening up registration for my "Building Blocks of Acrylics" starter course! Stay tuned for registration dates here-----> Online classes

Yours Creatively,


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