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West Coast Windshook

West Coast Islet

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Painting Classes

NOTE: Due to covid 19 these classes are put on hold until a later date.

A this point I offer two different styles of instruction: 

I have designed "The 3 Hour Painter" sessions for all levels of participants, novice to somewhat experienced.  Most everyone will get something out of the class as it is somewhat adjustable. The sessions are my own creation, based on my own painting style.   All supplies are included and these are a great way to dip your toes in the water! 

In my other classes I teach my personal techniques in order to give participants who have acrylic experience new tools and methods to improve their own work.  While I like to have "everyone on the same page" by using the same reference for the class, I absolutely encourage all to work within their own style while trying out the new 'tools' I demonstrate.  Participants must have their own supplies.

See classes below this introduction. 

An important part of my experience has been the teaching of art classes in my home studio for almost a decade in the 90’s-2000's.  I have to admit that when I moved back to the Island in 2004 I was burned out.  I tackled that by concentrating on painting long hours, honing my skills and avoiding all but one or two classes a year.  I really do have a passion for teaching and am happy to be giving back with gusto!!

As a self educated painter, I have over 30 years experience working through different styles, mediums and techniques.  I have gathered a wealth of knowledge in my amazing journey that I am excited to pass along. Its like opening a treasure chest chock full of painting tidbits when I am in front of the class. It never ceases to amaze me how much I have tucked away in there over the years!

I am always open to new ideas or locations so please do not hesitate to email me any suggestions. 

The 3 Hour Painter
Note: classes are on hold till a later date

Are you interested in hosting a 3 Hour Painter session for a group?   All supplies included.  Rates are $55+ gst per person, extra charges may apply for mileage depending on size of group. If you have minimum 6 participants to 12 maximum and a location contact me for more information.

Choice of Painting Designs:

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