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Artists Statement:

In these political times, where negative news spreads faster than the speed of light, I struggle to keep a positive perspective even though I live in a very beautiful place. Through my work, I strive to disempower the negativity and focus instead on the beauty that surrounds me. My intentions are for the viewer to be taken into a world of calm with the message of “things are going to be ok”. The age-old wisdom, to "stop and smell the roses'', is what I believe we need to nurture and protect within ourselves. I invite you to enjoy the calm within the borders of my paintings, take a deep breath and escape for even just a moment…..



Cindy grew up on Vancouver Island, amongst a playground of forests and beaches.   Her adventurous, independent and determined nature as a child evolved into the driving force behind her creativity today.

Over the years Cindy has self directed her art education by tirelessly experimenting with different styles and mediums although acrylics have held her steadfast since 1995.  These she learned by observation, books, videos and workshops held by established professional painters.  She has filtered and transformed the results of this journey into her own unique style.   

Cindy’s paintings mostly depict the Vancouver Island area that she calls home but also includes still life and depictions of childhood moments into her prolific portfolio. 

Cindy’s work exhibits her work in various galleries on Vancouver Island where she resides, is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a signature member of the Society of Canadian Artists.  Her work has sold nationally and internationally.  She paints from her studio in the small mid Island community of Bowser.


Cindy's CV of shows and exhibits is available here.